About the Object

Name: L1527
Distance: 460 light years
Constellation: Taurus
Category: MIRI


Position (RA):4 39 53.80
Position (Dec):26° 3' 12.07"
Field of view:2.37 x 1.89 arcminutes
Orientation:North is 96.1° left of vertical

Colours & filters

7.7 μmJames Webb Space Telescope
Infrared 12 μmJames Webb Space Telescope
18 μmJames Webb Space Telescope

L1527 (MIRI image)

L1527, shown in this image from the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope’s MIRI (Mid-Infrared Instrument), is a molecular cloud that harbors a protostar. It resides in the constellation Taurus, about 460 light-years from Earth. The more diffuse blue light and the filamentary structures in the image come from organic compounds known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), while the red at the center of this image is an energized, thick layer of gases and dust that surrounds the protostar. The region in between, which shows up in white, is a mixture of PAHs, ionized gas, and other molecules.

As the protostar continues to age and release energetic jets, it’ll consume, destroy, and push away much of this molecular cloud, and many of the structures we see here will begin to fade. Eventually, once it finishes gathering mass, this impressive display will end, and the star itself will become more apparent, even to our visible-light telescopes.

This image includes filters representing 7.7 microns light as blue, 12.8 microns light as green, and 18 microns light as red.

[Image description: A growing protostar embedded within a molecular cloud. The center of the image shows a bright, red region, where the growing protostar resides, with a thin, gray lane of matter cutting through it horizontally, which is the protostar’s accretion disk. Above and below this region are blue triangular-shaped molecular clouds, which give the overall object an hourglass shape. The areas in the molecular clouds closest to the protostar have more pronounced plumes of blue gas. There are red, yellow, orange, blue, and green stars and galaxies scattered across the background.]



About the Image

Id: L1527-1
Type: Observation
Release date: 2 July 2024, 16:00
Size: 2160 x 1719 px

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