Webb Reveals Complex Galactic Structures
Webb Takes a Stunning, Star-Filled Portrait of the Pillars of Creation (Full View)
Webb Inspects the Heart of the Phantom Galaxy
Pillars of Creation (NIRCam and MIRI Composite Image)
Pillars of Creation (MIRI Image)
Cover page of the 2024 ESA/Hubble and ESA/Webb calendar
Carina Nebula Jets (NIRCam Narrowband Filters)
Jupiter Showcases Auroras, Hazes (NIRCam Closeup)
A duo of starbursts in I Zwicky 18
Parallel field to protostar IRAS23385
NGC 5468 — Cepheid host galaxy
NGC 604 (NIRCam image)
A galactic treasury
PHANGS image mosaic
A massive cluster is born
Lyman-α emitting galaxy EGSY8p7 in the CEERS survey field (NIRCam image)
Star system Beta Pictoris (MIRI image)
Webb spots a second lensed supernova in a distant galaxy
Galactic gathering
Star Cluster IC 348 (NIRCam image)
Cas A (NIRCam image)
Artist’s impression of protoplanetary disc
A prominent protostar in Perseus
Sagittarius C (NIRCam Image)
Galaxy cluster MACS0416 (Hubble and Webb composite image)
No tricks, just treats
The Crab Nebula
Kilonova and host galaxy
Jupiter jet pullouts
Composition of cloud particles - hot gas giant exoplanet WASP-17b
NGC 346 (MIRI image)
Short-wavelength NIRCam Orion mosaic in ESASky
NIRCam’s view of NGC 6822
Europa (NIRCam image)
HH 211 (NIRCam image, cropped)
Exoplanet K2-18 b (illustration)
SN 1987A (NIRCam image)
A FEAST for the eyes
Webb captures detailed beauty of Ring Nebula (NIRCam and MIRI images)
Galaxy cluster WHL0137-08
Webb spotlights gravitational arcs in ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster (NIRCam image)
The life and times of dust
Herbig-Haro 46/47 (NIRCam image)
PDS 70 (artist concept)
Area of study in GOODS-S field: JADES (NIRCam image)
Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex
Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) survey (NIRCam image)
Dusty supernovae (MIRI)
Clash of the Titans
Saturn’s rings shine in Webb’s observations of ringed planet
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