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Name: Uranus
Category: NIRCam
Solar System

Colours & filters

Infrared 1.4 μmJames Webb Space Telescope
Infrared 3.0 μmJames Webb Space Telescope

Wider view of the Uranian system

This wider view of the Uranian system with Webb’s NIRCam instrument features the planet Uranus as well as six of its 27 known moons (most of which are too small and faint to be seen in this short exposure). A handful of background objects, including many galaxies, are also seen.

[Image description: The planet Uranus is on a black background just left of centre. Just below the planet at the 7 o’clock position is a faint blue point labeled Puck. Brighter blue points at 8 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 3 o’clock are labeled Ariel, Miranda, and Umbriel, respectively. Two additional blue points at 7 o’clock and 5 o’clock are labeled Titania and Oberon]


NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI, J. DePasquale (STScI)

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Id: weic2310c
Type: Planetary
Release date: 6 April 2023, 16:00
Related releases: weic2310
Size: 3635 x 3169 px

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