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Spectrum of GN-z11

This two-part graphic shows evidence of a gaseous clump of helium in the halo surrounding the galaxy GN-z11. In the top portion, at the far right, a small box identifies GN-z11 in a field of galaxies. The middle box shows a zoomed-in image of the galaxy. The box at the far left displays a map of the helium gas in the halo of GN-z11, including a clump that does not appear in the infrared colours shown in the middle panel. In the lower half of the graphic, a spectrum shows the distinct ‘fingerprint’ of helium in the halo. The full spectrum shows no evidence of other elements and so suggests that the helium clump must be fairly pristine, made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium gas left over from the Big Bang, without much contamination from heavier elements produced by stars. Theory and simulations in the vicinity of particularly massive galaxies from these epochs predict that there should be pockets of pristine gas surviving in the halo, and these may collapse and form Population III star clusters.

[Image description: A graphic labelled Galaxy GN-z11, Pristine Gas Clump Near GN-z11. The graphic is divided into two sections. The top half of the graphic features a rectangular image of a field of galaxies with two pullouts, the second of them labelled Helium Two Detected. The bottom half shows a single line graph.]


NASA, ESA, CSA, Ralf Crawford (STScI)

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