Webb Reveals Complex Galactic Structures
Webb Inspects the Heart of the Phantom Galaxy
A duo of starbursts in I Zwicky 18
NGC 5468 — Cepheid host galaxy
A galactic treasury
PHANGS image mosaic
Lyman-α emitting galaxy EGSY8p7 in the CEERS survey field (NIRCam image)
Webb spots a second lensed supernova in a distant galaxy
Galactic gathering
Galaxy cluster MACS0416 (Hubble and Webb composite image)
No tricks, just treats
NIRCam’s view of NGC 6822
A FEAST for the eyes
Galaxy cluster WHL0137-08
Webb spotlights gravitational arcs in ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster (NIRCam image)
The life and times of dust
Cosmic Evolution Early Release Science (CEERS) survey (NIRCam image)
Dusty supernovae (MIRI)
Webb identifies the earliest strands of the cosmic web (annotated)
Quasar J0100+2802 (NIRCam Image)
Webb peers behind bars
Webb reveals early-Universe prequel to huge galaxy cluster
Webb observes the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Cosmic seahorse
Seeing Triple
Pandora’s Cluster (Abell 2744)
A Wreath of Star Formation in NGC 7469
M82 (Webb and Hubble images)
A Spiral Amongst Thousands
Galactic Get-Together
Stephan’s Quintet (NIRCam + MIRI Imaging)
Webb Explores a Pair of Merging Galaxies
Multi-Observatory Views of M74
GN-z11 in the GOODS-North field
North Ecliptic Pole Time Domain Field
NGC 1433 (MIRI Image)
Webb Explores a Pair of Merging Galaxies
Galaxy Pair VV 191 (Webb and Hubble Composite Image)
NGC 1365 (MIRI Image)
Cartwheel Galaxy (NIRCam and MIRI Composite Image)
M82 (NIRCam image - longer wavelengths)
Sample shapes of distant galaxies identified in Webb’s CEERS survey (NIRCam image)
GOODS-S field (NIRCam image)
NGC 7496 (MIRI Image)
Webb Surprises Astronomers with Never-Before-Seen Details of the Early Universe
3D classifications for distant galaxies in Webb’s CEERS Survey (NIRCam image)
GOODS-S field (NIRCam image, annotated)
Webb Glimpses Field of Extragalactic PEARLS, Studded With Galactic Diamonds
Cartwheel Galaxy (MIRI)
M82 (NIRCam image - shorter wavelengths)
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